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How to Configure E-mail Signature on Webmail / Outlook / Thunderbird

Configuring your e-mail signature is quite easy and straightforward. Here’s how you can do it in the most popular mail clients.

Follow These Steps to Configure E-mail Signature on Webmail / Outlook / Thunderbird

Login to your webmail account via cPanel or using this link . We’ll be using Roundcube email client in this example.

Once logged in, go to Settings > Identities and choose your email address. You will see the Signature field which will be your signature. You can check HTML to enable HTML tags in your signature.


To set up your signature in Outlook (2013), go to File > Options > Mail:


Click on “Signatures” and you’ll be able to edit our signature along with other options for all your accounts.


To achieve the same in Thunderbird go to Tools > Account Settings and then, in the left panel, select the account for which you want to create a signature. Here you can use plain text or HTML signatures or even attach HTML files as signatures.

If you have multiple email accounts, you must configure signatures separately for each account.


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