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How to install CSF on Linux VPS?

So as to install CSF to your Linux VPS you firstly need to connect to your Linux VPS via your SSH client.

When you’ve already did this – download CSF by using wget http://configserver.com/free/csf.tgz command. Press Enter and it will start downloading CSF to you client.

Extract the archive by using tar xfz csf.tgz command, click Enter again.


Next use cd command to open the CSF folder. Now you are able to install CSF by using sh install.sh command. Wait till the files are being processed.

At the next step you need to edit the config file so as to turn off the testing mode. Just type in vi /etc/csf/csf.conf command and press Enter. Press i so as to enable editing mode and change TESTING = 1“ to TESTING = “0” .



Now at the very bottom press Esc, type in :wq and press Enter so as to save and quit yoru commands.


The next step is to restart CSF by using csf-r command which will apply all of the changes. Wait for the files to load. When they are finished – your CSF is already installed into your Linux VPS.

You can also find a video explaining how to install CSF on Linux VPS by following this link:


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