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What is elastic environment?

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In normal terms, elastic environment may refer to the environment in which you can feel relaxed and free. Similarly, you can enjoy a completely elastic environment by using Cloud VPS.

  • Elastic environment provides you a VPS hosting plan which is completely manageable and allows the customer to organize server resources, various quotas, make backup copy as well as organize web server.
  • The elastic environment allows installing the programs using specific virtualization service on basic command.
  • It also allows for scaling the disk space, CPU and RAM depending on the activity on the website and can allow dealing with any spike in demand of the resources by the visitors of the website. One can scale down elastic clouds when there is some backing off in the site traffic. This allows IT administrators to have an unmatchable control over the resources being consumed and money paid for it.
  • The ideal email solution can be used with some free or paid web server including the IMAP and POP email management, service of auto responders, and the tools for quota organization along with anti-spam tools.
  • These clouds are usually designed in a way that are self-healing and can exhibit immediate reboot qualities in case if the server goes down. The datacenters are allowed by the virtualization software to consolidate the servers by reducing the physical footprint and increasing their efficiency and focus towards the solution of customer issues.
  • Service support can be considered as an important characteristic as any system administrator can monitor data load of VPS and can give suggestions for making web server more competent.
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