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How to Connect to a Windows Server Using RDP

Managing your Windows Servers from the native Windows RDP application is by far the most straightforward and seamless way. You don’t need any additional applications installed and most servers are already pre-configured to allow remote connections. So let’s get into it!

Follow These Steps to Connect to a Windows Server Using RDP

First, you will need your servers’ IP address. If you’re a customer of Host1Plus you can find the address in Client Area under service overview, like shown below:


Next, you need to find our servers’ login credentials – username and password. Again, if you’re a client of Host1Plus you can find it in the Client Area under service overview (to see the password click on password link):


In this case the username is Administrator and password is 5dF2bd8Twzu

Now you need to connect from your own Windows machine. To open RDP, in the Windows search type RDP:


Open the Remote Desktop Connection, type the IP address and press ‘Connect’. You should be presented with a login Window. Enter your password and click ‘Ok’:


You should successfully login and see your servers’ screen:


And that basically covers how to connect to your server using RDP.

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