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OpenVZ vs Xen

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Open VZ

OpenVZ is the virtualization based operating system. The kernel of the host server is customized to offer all virtual type servers with the root access, it has procedure space and the resources of memory or the network and is the head of individual kernel. OpenVZ is a fast and frivolous virtualization system, with additional available resources to utilize.

  • Root access
  • Virtualization of the OS
  • Plan promote applied live exclusive of the reboots
  • Additional plan resources existing due to the frivolous virtualization
  • Simple setup of the network or the disk
  • Enormous for the projects where the pervert is not required
  • Contact to mainly modules of the IP tables


X-en is the system of the Para virtualized, that provides all virtual servers with its individual kernel which has been customized to sprint on the hypervisor of the host. Every function of the virtual server is as its individual system, providing the access to the root, and the complete access to the modules of the kernel. This loom leads to a better server configuration.

  • Root access
  • Kernel for Para virtualized
  • Kernel modules access to loadable
  • Exchange of the space
  • Most excellent in case you run the Java programs
  • Extremely configurable
  • Booting from the individual kernel
  • Release mode and the Xen console for complete access
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