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User roles in DirectAdmin

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  • DirectAdmin FTP menu permits the users to make the FTO accounts to contact their site. There are so many distinctions on this that are complete as per on what kind of account the particular user have.
  • In case the user has individual IP address, the file of the password will be stored in the configuration directory of DirectAdmin. In case of utilizing the common IP address, all the accounts are stored in the file known as proftpd. passwd situated in the /etc folder.
  • The users who have their IP address will have the ability to create accounts that don’t require their domain name at the finish of the login name of the ftp.
  • The statistics or logs display is utilized to offer a plain list of the complete information regarding the account of the user. It will explain the entire domain names which the user has on this particular account and the stats regarding them, and the links to their stats.
  • The major reason is to illustrate the total review of the entire usage over all the accounts the user owns. This comprises information on the usage of bandwidth and disk space. It is very significant to remind that the status details on every domain are simply there for the detail of the user and are not utilized for the whole usage.
  • The single modifiable email listed on that particular page doesn’t presently have the role. It is the reason to offer the account the user desires to be in touch with. On the other hand, the e-mail offered with the communication system is the single one that utilizes when messages system are sent. The base line is the field of the e-mail on this display is saved for the prospect use.
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