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How to Modify DirectAdmin php.ini File Settings?

By default, web hosting server users are not allowed to modify php.ini settings, however, most companies (Host1Plus as well) allows users to modify almost all php.ini settings.
Let’s say you want to upload a big file via your PHP script.

Follow These Steps to Modify php.ini File Settings

On DirectAdmin:

On cPanel:

You can’t modify native version. You have to select whatever PHP version you want, then click “Set as current” and then click on “Show PHP Settings“.

If you need, you can enable or disable modules according to your needs. If no change is needed here and you only want to edit php.ini file settings, click “Show PHP Settings“.

Here you can edit php.ini file settings. If you want to upload bigger files via your PHP script, change post_max_size and upload_max_filesize values.

Now you are able to upload a big file using your PHP script.

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