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Kloxo vs. DirectAdmin

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Kloxo Features:

  • It offers support for CentOS
  • It can be integrated with the billing programs
  • Kloxo HostinABox: a complete web-hosting platform which makes use of 10MB RSS.
  • The Kloxo Enterprise: a distributed hosting platform.
  • It offers search, , management and viewing of hosting and all domains using only one page
  • Supports apache/ bind/pure-ftpd  and djbdns, lighttpd
  • Advanced interface for managing intrusion detection
  • Easy switching between applications
  • Offers advanced backup/restore capabilities
  • No reinstallation needed for upgrading
  • Integrated RoR
  • Redirected/Parked Domains

Main Features:

  • Complete resource distribution across the machines
  • Allows to move different accounts between clusters
  • You can take backup of complete hosting while any of its part can be restored
  • Warning and Disk usage report for complete cluster
  • Allows to quickly moving resources between machines. In beginning you can go for just one server and at the saturation point another server can be added while moving all necessary resources to this new machine
  • Allows you to move Domains/Clients between resellers. Ownership of the domains as well as the clients can be changed and trivially moved around

General Features:

  • Through Messaging & Ticketing system of Kloxo you can maintain a healthier relationship with the customers
  • Using ticket system customers can post any complaints without logging in to their accounts
  • Ticket alerts


DirectAdmin is control panel software for web hosting. It allows you to administer your website and the hosting options through web-based graphical user interface. Through DirectAdmin you can easily manage any number of websites, emails, etc. It automates the server tasks and offers easy setup and management of websites. Below are some of its main features.


  • Using DirectAdmin you can create and manage email addresses quite easily
  • It allows you to create and manage FTP accounts
  • It helps you to organize your DNS settings
  • It offers website statistics for analysis
  • It also allows you to manage FrontPage Extensions
  • It also assists easy creation and management of the subdomains
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