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How to find user statistics/reports in cPanel

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You need to check out the website’s user stats for the sake of deciding on the website’s accomplishments and fame. cPanel can provide assistance in finding out the stats in proficient manner. If you want to check user stats of a particular website through cPanel, follow the steps given below:

STEP 1. First of all decide what you want to check. Now mark the details that you want to know about a particular site. Make sure you don’t to miss any point so that you can get all that you want.

STEP 2. Now go to cPanel of your hosting. Search for the account in your domain’s cPanel. Ensure that domain.com is restored using domain real name. Now you have to enter username and your password.


STEP 3. Once you have logged in, you should see ;Awstats’ button under the ‘Logs’ section. When you click this option you will be able to see different statistics.

Take a look into these statistics. Here you will get the information about total visits by month, day, hour, country and URLs or referrers who directed some users to this website. The information about pages visited by a user, their OS and browsers, their searches and other such statistics can also be available here.

Now you can analyze these results. Get a print of this statistics report for reviewing it further so that you can get some help in solving the problems related to the traffic of your website. It can also be used for determining which part in your website has more fame in people and what you need to modify.

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