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How to Set DNS Using cPanel

Follow these steps to set up DNS using cPanel

Here you have an option of choosing between “Simple Editor Zone” and “Advanced Editor Zone”

There isn’t any major difference between the two and normally you can use “Simple Editor Zone”. The “Advanced Editor Zone” gives you some additional features, yet we don’t need them for setting up DNS.

While connecting to the “Editor Zone” you’ll get a new panel containing different choices and here you can choose your favorite domain or field name. From the drop-down menu select the domain name for which you want to set up DNS.

This will load three new zones. First one will show you the form for inserting the record for the domain name. All you have to do is to select your preferred sub-domain for the record along with the address. Then just click the “Add record” button. This will show a message of successful insertion of record for your chosen domain.

Add an A record

Secondly, you need to insert a CNAME record for the selected domain name. Here you will have to enter the name of a sub-domain for CNAME record along with the address. Now click the “Add CNAME Record” button. A message will appear showing successful insertion of the record.

Add cname record

This step is optional. You may want to remove custom DNS records for the given domain name. If you do not need any records, you can delete them by clicking the “Delete” button.  Confirm record deletion in the window that appears by clicking “Delete”.

Delete DNS record

You can only remove the custom user-defined records. When you are using “Simple Editor Zone” you cannot make any changes to default records.

To rearrange the DNS zone for selected domain name, click “More” button.

Mark the checkbox stating that you want to reset DNS zone and then click on “Reorganize File Zone” button.

All records are displayed and can be organized or edited. You should be careful and must not do any changes if you are not sure about them so that any interruption to the service can be avoided.

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