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How to Create a Subdomain in CPanel

Whenever you want to generate a sub-domain in cPanel, first you have to select a particular name for that sub-domain. The domain is for the sub-domain and the position from which the new sub domain will load its content.

How do you generate a new sub domain?

Follow These Steps on How to Create a Subdomain in CPanel

Before, clicking on the ‘Sub-domain’ icon and select a name for that sub-domain, which you want to generate. E.g., you can select a ‘blog’. In case you have made a selection of the blog then the sub-domain will be represented as ‘blog.example.com’.

On your right of ‘Sub-domain’ icon there is a drop down menu by where you have to choose a domain which you want to generate for the sub-domain. You can make the selection of sub-domain for any add-on parked. You can also make a new sub-domain for an already existing sub-domain in your cPanel.

The sub-domain will automatically settle with your cPanel when you select the field of ‘Document Root’. For example if you make the selection of the sub-domain as a ‘blog’ then the field of the ‘Document Root’ will be presented as the “/public _html/blog”. This shows that the new sub-domain will derive its content from the folder called as ‘blog’ within the ‘public _html’ directory.

After following the above mention steps, all the three fields will set and you can simply create a new sub-domain for your cPanel by clicking on the ‘Create’ button.

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