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How to customize cPanel

As soon as you will try to log in to cPanel, a message window will appear prompting you to enter the user name and unique password. If you click on ‘Cancel’ button or give incorrect password many times then you will be taken to web form that requires you to enter user name and your unique password.

When you opt to modify your login form, you are basically trying to reshape that specific form through the use of form tag of HTML. cPanel services usually run on specific ports:

  • cPanel: HTTP-2082 or in HTTPS-2083
  • Webmail: HTTP-2095 or for HTTPS-2096
  • WHM: HTTP-2086 or for HTTPS-2087

It is necessary that you know these port settings because you will have to post your user name as well as unique password on each of these ports. The login variables that will be needed are login_theme, user, pass, etc.

As an alternate, you can also identify failure variable so that you can be redirected to the previous page by cPanel if user name and password don’t match to what have been stored in the database.

Note: If you are going to utilize same file as mentioned above, just uncomment the service that you want to use by deleting ‘#’ sign present right next to that specific service. Do not forget to type ‘#’ next to the lines for additional services. You will simply be permitted by the specific form to log into that service. The port numbers are also mentioned above for your reference.

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