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How to manage users on cPanel?

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Creating a user for MySQL

  • For creating a user you have to log in to cPanel first.
  • Left click on the database of MySQL.
  • Below the header of MySQL Users, give the username for the user of MySQL.
  • In the field of password enter the exclusive password for the particular user.
  • Verify the entered password by entering it once more.
  • Now left click on ‘Create User’ command button.

A fresh user of MySQL will be formed with the format of the username like netuser_sqluser.

Connecting MySQL users to the databases

In sort to connect a database with the user account of MySQL you will need to attach that particular user to the database.

  • In the first step log in to cPanel.
  • Left click on MySQL databases.
  • Below the header of ‘Add User’ to the database, choose MySQL user from the initial drop down list.
  • Choose the user database that will be additional to below the 2nd drop down list.
  • Now left click on the add command button.
  • In the display which appears you can choose what rights the user will have interrelating with that particular database, you must choose minimum rights for safety however in case emergency left click the box beside the all privileges.
  • Now left click on the make changes command button.

The user of the MySQL now has contact to the chosen database and the rights elected.

Deleting MySQL users from the databases

  • First login to cPanel.
  • Left click on MySQL databases.
  • Below the existing header of databases you will observe the table of accessible databases and users, place the database you require to delete the user.
  • In the column of users, left click the little circled X beside the MySQL user to delete.
  • On the verification display, click on  ‘Yes’ command button.

Deleting MySQL accounts of the user

  • First login to cPanel.
  • Left click on MySQL database.
  • Below the existing header called users, place the MySQL user account you desire to delete.
  • Left mouse click on the X symbol in the closest delete line beside that the MySQL user.
  • Left click on ‘Yes’ on the verification display.

Altering the MySQL password of the user

In case of altering MySQL password for the user, you have to delete the user from some database that is close to, delete the account of MySQL user and then create it again if you want to add a new one.

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