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How to Manage DNS Using CPanel

Follow These Steps to Manage DNS Using CPanel
  • Start the web browser
  • Left click on the ‘Login Control Panel’.
  • Log-in to cPanel as only of the subsequent:
  • Account Admin and choose the suitable domain
  • Procedural Contact for name of the domain
  • Left click on the ‘Administration Domain Name’ and choose the ‘Administration DNS’.
  • In case you have additional single domain name, choose the proper name of the domain from the list exposed. In case you have the huge number of the domain, you can utilize the search characteristic or left click on ‘Click’ to observe the list of all domains.
  • Now left click on ‘Administration of the Advanced DNS’. In case you do not have the record of DNS for this particular domain, now you will be encouraged to add the new region.
  • Left click on ‘Add New Zone’ command button.
  • Now fill the complete IP Address where you like the domain name to be pointed.
  • Choose the position for the mail record:
  • Name of the domain: it defines the mail to the domain name of the server of the mail you desire to utilize.
  • IP Address: it defines the mail to IP address of the server you desire to utilize
  • No MX record: in case the email does not exist for this particular name of the domain, you can use this alternative.
  • Depending on the assortment in the third step, fill the domain name or the IP address of the fresh server position.
  • Now click on the ‘Submit’ command button.
  • To add a new record of DNS to the domain click on the ‘Add Record’ command button.
  • Now choose the record type you desire to insert from the dropdown list:
  • Click on the ‘Add new Record’.
  • Left click on the ‘Update’ command button for the confirmation you desire to update.
  • Fill the fresh detail.
  • Click on the ‘Update’ command button.
  • Left click on ‘Delete’ command button for the particular record you want to remove.
  • Click on ‘Ok’ command button to ensure the deletion of the record.
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