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What is a domain add-on

The feature of add-on domains permits you to run several sites from the single unique web account.

The major disparity among the add-on domains and parked domains is that these domains must not be piercing at the root directory of the web domain.

You can obtain a domain known as hostaccount.com and after that point domains at the directories within the web account. Everyone who places the secondsite.com into the web browser will not recognize that it is hosted within one more web account; it will emerge as this has its individual web host account.

Fill the name of the domain you are moving to add-on to the web account into the primary box with any prefix.

In the 2nd box you fill the directory in the account you desire it to be map on.

This has to be performed because the user name of the ftp thus the stuffing of this directory can be contacts and rationalized by someone else without providing left the major account information.

In the box of the password you assign the password or the FTP directory.

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