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Cannot access dashboard after recent upgrade

Cannot access WordPress dashboard after recent upgrade ? That might be caused by various reasons and can be fixed shortly by knowing exact error message. If it’s showing 404 error instead of the dashboard, usually it’s a good idea to try the following things:

  1. Rename current theme folder in “wp-content/themes” directory. After renaming, default theme will be activated automatically which is in most cases is “twentytwelve”. After that we should be able to access the dashboard.
  2. If the first method is not working, it’s hard to believe the problem is with theme. Then we might want to try to rename plugins directory which is located in “wp-content” folder. This will deactivate all activated plugins including the one which might cause the problem to access dashboard. We should keep in mind that there might be some plugins not compatible with newer WordPress version.
  3. The first two steps should fix the problem, but if it appears WordPress core files have been ruined we might try to re-upload all files except “wp-content” from default WordPress installation.

If the things above haven’t helped to fix dashboard problem, the easiest way is to go ahead and restore website from the backup which was made before upgrading WordPress. If there is no backup, then we are risking to spend hours of finding the issue.

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