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How to Transfer WordPress Content Only

A WordPress program has become one of the most used for publicizing content online. It is available in two different platforms that are wordpress.org and wordpress.com. You can use any of the flavors at no cost. However, wordpress.org requires a self-hosted domain. The advantage of using wordpress.org is that you can include some advertisements on it.

If you possess any of the WordPress platforms, you might be concerned on how to relocate content. There are wide-ranging reasons as to why you may yearn to shift WordPress content. For instance, you can convey content in order to build a backup. A different motive is that you might desire to shift content to a dissimilar blog or a newly fashioned website.

Both WordPress platforms have an inbuilt function that helps you to export or transfer content only. You can transfer content to other different sites that are common with WordPress. Such sites include, Blogger, TypePad, Splinder and many others. The process is very simple as illustrated by the steps below.

Follow these steps to transfer only WordPress Content

Log in to the admin side of your WordPress site. This will directly take you to the WordPress dashboard. If by any chance, you have forgotten your log in password reset it first.

WordPress Login Form

On the dashboard navigate to the tools button on the left and click on export. This command exports all your text content such as tags, posts, categories and comments in your WordPress pages.

WordPress Export Tools

Save it. Note that the file will in the XML formant. In addition, you should save it on the most secure partition of your computer.

XML Exported File

If you are transferring the content to another WordPress blog login to the blog and on the dashboard click on tools then import button.

Import Tools

Select the location of your previously saved XML file and click on upload. This should upload all the text content that was in your previous blog to you new blog including all the tags and categories.

Import WordPress Content

View you new site. All the content in the previous blog should appear.

WordPress Website

The process is the same if you are planning to transfer the content to other platforms such as blogger or Splinder.

Content in your WordPress blog can also be transferred using online tools. However, these tools are very risky as the can delete all the content and you might not be able to recover it. It is therefore advisable you back up your content first before transferring it using online tools.

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