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How to transfer from WordPress.com

WordPress.com provides you with free services for posting you content online. It provides users with a simple interface where you can upload and edit your web content. The chief reason for posting content online is for people to see. Thus, there is need for traffic to you word press blog. WordPress.com blog has very few visitors and this raises the need for you to create a wordpress.org

Since wordpress.com allows you to have ads on your blog, you can make money with it. However, without traffic to your blog ads are just a waste. You can increase blog traffic by transferring to wordpress.org or creating your own domain name. Though this comes at a fee, it is worthy the hustle because ads on you site will be hit more. That means your revenue will increase.

WordPress.com team provides you with a systematic process on how to transfer to wordpress.org. The charges for these services are ninety-nine dollars only. On the other hand, you might want to do it on your own. If that’s your choices follow the steps outlined below.

STEP 1. Purchase a domain

Domain Name

To move to wordpress.org you need to have a domain name. The domain name should be same as your blogs name although you can change it if you like. Before you purchase a domain name, do a thorough research on its availability. Many online sites offer domain name-search services. Purchase a domain name that is unique and easy to remember.

STEP 2. Download FTP client

FileZilla Logo

The next thing you need to do after purchasing a domain is to find a user-friendly FTP client. An FTP client is a program that will help you manage content in your new domain. What an FTP client does is that it forms a link between your domain server and your personal computer. It will help you in uploading content. You can download any of your choice from the internet but I recommend FILEZILLA.

STEP 3. Download WordPress.org

Download WordPress

WordPress.org provides you with a standalone program that you can use for self-hosting. Download the current edition from their site and then upload it to your domain. After that, search for a word press theme that suites your needs and replace the default theme with it.

STEP 4. Transfer content

WordPress Import Export

First, you need to export content from your blog. After that, import the content to your new site. You can use the export/import functions in word press. Make sure all the links are incorporated. Once you are done, make your wordpress.com blog invisible.

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