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How to Install WordPress Themes

If you are one of the many people worried about how to install WordPress themes, it will be best if you read this article to get step by step procedures to see you through. This article will show you how to install brand new themes for your own hosted WordPress blog. Before you begin, you need to have a self hosted WordPress blog, a downloaded WordPress theme and also a FTP client. Below are the instructions to follow;

Follow these steps to install a WordPress theme

Start by ensuring that you have a self hosted WordPress blog that you currently run or else, installing WordPress theme will never work.

You might have one downloaded WordPress theme however; it will be best if you had more WordPress themes. You can get more by downloading them from the internet. After you download them, unzip them before you can use them.

If you are confused about where to find these themes to download, you can find many WordPress themes by using online search tools and engines.

Search For WordPress Themes

Just after you are done downloading as many WordPress themes as you can and have successfully unzipped them, continue by opening your FTP Client then connect to your site or blog.

Connect To FTP

When you open your blog, you will see a directory titled ‘www’ that you will need to open. When you open it, look for the WordPress blog then open the folder titled ‘wp-content’. When you open this folder, you will see a folder named ‘themes’.

Access Themes Folder

When you open the themes folder, you will now be ready to upload all or some of your themes into the WordPress theme folder.

Upload WordPress Theme Files

Open your WordPress account, you will see screenshots of all the WordPress themes you uploaded under the design tab.

WordPress Current Theme
Look through them all and click on the one you will prefer to use for your WordPress blog. Then you will are done.

Instead of being worried about how to go about this easy and fun process, it will be best to be committed to making it work and it would. Most times, many people try to use other FTP clients however; it will be best if you used CoreFTP because it helps to make your work or the installation process very easy. Also when downloading WordPress themes, make sure you do not download them from websites that do not look right to prevent viruses and also themes that will not unzip.

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