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How to prevent spam in WordPress

If you have ever owned a blog you are aware of spammers. These robots post comments to your blog post with links to their desired webpages. The first thing you will think about when you see such comment is to disable commenting. Well this will not help you since the spammers will continue posting even if their comments do not appear.

If you do not control commenting in your blog post, soon you site will not appear in any search engine. When your site does not appear on search engines, it means you will have less or no traffic to your blog. However, this should not fright you because there are tools you can use to avoid spam. Below is a discussion of some of the most powerful tools you can use.

Tools to prevent spam in WordPress

Akismet Spam Plugin

WordPress software comes with an already installed Akismet Plugin. If it is not present, you can use the plugin finder to search for it. The plugin is amazing in controlling spam although critics say it causes some problems. Have it installed on your WordPress blog and spam will not be a problem anymore.

Math Comment Spam Plugin

This Plugin is most powerful when used with Akismet plugin. This plugin works by providing the user with a simple math calculation that he or she must complete in order to post the comment. The math bars robots from posting comments since they cannot complete it.

This Plugin has proven to work against spam to WordPress blogs. It employs carried methods that help avert blog spam. For instance, it will consign a score to a post depending on its age, mail address and any others. The score is then used to rate on the post the better the score the lower the possibility of it being a spam.

WordPress reCAPTCHA Plugin

This is the most fashionable tool for protection against spam. Many companies endorse it due to its effectiveness. It is the best for controlling spam robots since they are not able to crack it. reCaptcha is available as a WordPress plugin. You should go for this plugin if the above do not satisfy you.

Defensio Spam Plugin

This is a WordPress spam filter Plugin. It provides you with a detailed XML file format that contains all comments done to your posts. It goes ahead and groups them displaying the best comments on onside and the bad on the other.

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