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How to install WordPress plugins

WordPress an open source blogging site has a plug-in architecture. Having plug-ins added to the system, it becomes very handy and useful for a common as well as a developer user. But the question is how to add plug-ins? Here are some easy and useful tips to carry out this process:

Follow these steps to install a WordPress plugin

First step before installing a plug-in is downloading it. You can search the plug-in for Word press on any search site and then, follow the simple downloading rules.

Google WordPress Plugins Search

Each Plug-in for WordPress is installed in more or less similar manner. You need to login to your domain FTP client and then you can see few tabs in the beginning of this page.

FTP Connection

Choose your “hosting” from the tabs, and then scroll down to your FTP hosting account which will forward you to a list of blogs. Choose your blog, and click on it.

WordPress Files

Choose “manage this account” which is on the right column on the page along with several other options.

On this page look for “contents” tab and choose your FTP client once again.

Click on that to reach to a page with two windows beneath the page. In case this page is not displayed properly, you may need to install a java applet to see it.

On the left side, the window shows the list of folders of your local computer, while on the right hand side it shows the contents of your domain on your web.

Local and WordPress Files
Look for WP contents and click on that.

WP-Content Folder

Then find plug-ins and click on that. You will find a list of plug-ins.

WordPress Plugins Directory
On the left hand side, you have the folders from where you need to upload the plug-in file that you have already saved.

Local WordPress Plugin Files
Say you have kept the file on the desktop, so you need to navigate to the desktop and click on your downloaded file.

Now to this highlighted file, you need to send to the domain or web window. For that, just let the file remain highlighted and click the transfer button or the two arrow keys displayed between the windows.

Upload WordPress Plugin Files

The transferred file is transferred to libraries, so you need to login to your blog, and go to the plug-ins menu.

WordPress Plugins Menu

Click on the plug-ins menu and press the activate button.

Activate WordPress Plugin

Now you can see the new plug-in on the plug-ins sections of your blog, which means you are ready to use it.

Activated WordPress Plugin

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