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How to add Google Analytics plugin to WordPress

Today, blogging has a lot to do with representing on the best search engines in order to have your products and services out there ranking in the best. What Google Analytics does is that, it lets you trail or track the number of people or how a lot of people that visit your WordPress blog, what kind of pages they vision and even how extensive they hang about on your website. This is very good because it helps you to know if you are really making an impact or not.

Follow these steps to install WordPress Google Analytics Plugin

In case you are recognizable with the coding of the page, you can adjoin the Analytics account code to your website yourself with less stress. If you are not familiar with codes, then; you can install one of many WordPress plugins that can help you set up Google Analytics on your blog. Follow the instructions below to in order to know exactly how to go about the process of adding wordpress Google Analytics plugin successfully, however you must have a Google Analytics code to go about the process.

WordPress Dashboard

Add New WordPress Plugin

Search for Google Analytics Plugin

Install Google Analytics Plugin

Activate Google Analytics Plugin

Locate Google Analytics in Settings

Google Analytics Plugin Setup

All you can do now is to sit and surf the internet to find some of the best ways you can promote your website and also attract more people to your wordpress blog. Your wordpress blog represents who you are what you do and also what you have to offer so make sure it is customized very well since wordpress has made that possible for all its bloggers. You do not need to pay to have a blog on wordpress. Have fun and be one of the best bloggers.

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