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How to use WordPress loops

WordPress uses loops to present content (articles or posts) to website visitors. For a certain loop to work WordPress has to perform some functions. These functions include checking whether the requested files are present and collect the necessary setting as specified by site administrator. WordPress then executes a response to the user by printing out the requested information.

There are many fancy things that you can do using loops. The index page of blog site is consists of loops that decide on how many publications to display, whether commenting is allowed and how many comments to print out. This depends with the uses settings. Below is a list of fancy things that you can do using loops in WordPress.

Things you can do with WordPress loop

Using loops in WordPress, you can be able to present publication publicized between two diverse dates. For instance, you can use a loop-query to obtain all the articles posted between the months of august and December. This is useful especially if you a running a news publication website.

Adding advertisements to your posts is a great technique to make swift cash. Most blogs echo advertisements at the substructure or on blog sides. Although this generates profits not as much as you would desire. The strategic place to display you click-advertisements is right after the end of the first post. WordPress loops will help greatly in this.

Listing of forthcoming publication makes the visitors to keep checking on you website. This listing persuades site visitors to pledge for your RSS feeds. Using the schedule API function you can schedule when to display certain post. Loops help to display it on the specified date. Additionally they you can set the number of forthcoming posts to display within the loop.

WordPress loops can help you show case your articles. For example, you can display a publication posted twelve months ago. Visitors do not seem article posted at an earlier time since most blog programs display the recently added publications. Some of this articles may be very interesting and a must see for visitors. A simple loop code will help display you earlier articles.

Loops in WordPress can do amazing ticks. I recommend that you read the online literature concerning the above loop ticks. You can obtain the codes from WordPress support page. Additionally, you should have basic knowledge on PHP programming language.

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