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Best structure of URL in WordPress

The concept of url structure for wordpress lies solely on the fact to attract more users to the site. In order to do so you need to make some settings of the url so that it best suits for search engine optimization. The default url to any site, may or may not be alluring to the search engines such as Google. So the web address or the URL is amongst the most important things on a website. Now how can you make the desired changes?

Steps to set up a URL structure:

    • In order to change the url name, you need to login to the wordpress site.

WordPress Login Form

    • You have reached to the dashboard. Now scroll down and try to look at the settings options on the right column.

WordPress Settings Menu

    • After you have clicked setting you can see “permalinks options”.

WordPress Permalinks Settings

    • As soon as you click on the permalink, you are directed to the permalink page, which has some options to set your URL.

WordPress Permalinks Common Settings

  • These options may be default, in which the link is followed by some numbers. These links are of no use while search, because Google doesn’t care about numbers. All it cares about is the keywords.
  • There are other options like date, day, month and numeric. All these options may not be very useful at all times.
    • So now you can come to customize structure.

WordPress Permalinks Custom Structure

    • Type in the URl of your choice. To get the basic address, you can use any one of the address options described above. Then add a keyword followed by forward slashes and percent symbols.

WordPress Permalinks Custom Structure

After going through these processes, you can log back to your page and check out the URL. You can find the URL to be dependent on keyword. Now it is extremely easy to search for your website and your ranking is automatically improved. This way you are not only creating a proper visibility of your site but you are also improving your revenue sources.

Today a keyword is as important as the blog itself. And if you want to remain updated on Google, chances are that you will be called for every time they organize and display the options for a user’s search. These URLs are also easy to remember because they are absolutely akin to the blog as well as keyword. And every time you update your website, it further makes your rank during the search.

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