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How to manage spam in WordPress

WordPress platform supports many anti-spam plugins. Each new day dedicated individual create a new anti-spam plugin in an attempt to suppress spam comments. Spam comments are very nuisance and can get your site into problems with search engines. If you a running a commercial websites with Google ads a spam is the last thing you want to see on your blog.

Follow these steps to manage spam in WordPress

Spam comments can get your websites suspended from search engines. This will affect your traffic and income. You can prevent spam comments from your blog by use of Akismet plugin or any other anti-spam. This plugins work to prevent robots from posting trash into your site. The best anti-spam plugin is reCAPTCHA plugin. It is currently the widely used plugin.

reCAPTCHA Anti Spam Plugin

The purpose of creating a blog is get people commenting on the post they like and give out their views. At times, this anti-spam plugins cannot differentiate between a genuine comment and a spam comment. They end up classifying genuine comment as spam. WordPress blogs do not display comments labeled as spam thus, some genuine comments will not appear on you blog post.

Some of this comments a valuable and need to appear on your blog. This raises the need for a filter to separate between a spam comment and a real comment. Personally, we have used most plugins but they did not work really well. However, a spam filter plugin that can work in hand with Akismet and provide you quality anti-spam services.

Tantan-spam-filter blocks the most plain spam comments and notifies the user the reason for rejection of his/her comment. Below are simple steps on how to install it.

Download Tantan-spam-filter from the internet it is free. To avoid viruses from tempering with it is available in zip form. Extort the files to a directory of your choice.

TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter

Access your WordPress dashboard and upload it.

Upload WordPress Plugin

Navigate to the Plugins tabs click on it, locate the Plugin, and activate it.

TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter Plugin

Configure spam filter options for your post comments. That is all you are now secure from spam comments.

TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter Plugin Settings

How does it work?

This Plugin uses the following pattern to sort comments.

  • If the comment contains more than three external links, the plugin rejects it.
  • If the comment is full of links and no text, Tantan-spam-filter bars it.
  • The plugin also checks on comment similarity. If the comment is similar to another genuine comment, it rejects them.
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