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How to manage WordPress categories

Managing WordPress Categories would include adding a new category, removing an old one and editing existing categories. The way to access these categories is to login to your WordPress link and go to your profile. Here on the left hand side of the page amongst several other options you can find the option of categories. Let us discuss the management of these categories explicitly one by one:

Follow this guide to manage WordPress categories

On the dashboard page, where you find all the options on the left hand side, in a column. You can search for the Categories option and click on it.

WordPress Categories
As Categories page is loaded you can see options like add category, category slug, and category parent and so on and so forth. Similarly on the right hand side you can see your existing categories, bulk actions and also an editing part to your existing categories.

WordPress Add New Category

As you add a new category, explain about it in brief in the description section and add a slug part to it, your new category is created. When you scroll towards right, you can see all the headings under which these categories are described, such as slug, description etc… The post part is automatically added and updated every time you refresh.

WordPress Added Category
After this is done you have a new category to your blog. But this process can also be done directly from the option that you can find beneath where you see the categories and subcategory options.

WordPress Add New Category In Post

The categories added in this manner can be seen in the category list of your blog, and in case you want to edit them, you can click on them, or either you can use the option of edit on the left hand side of the page. It works both ways in the similar fashion.

WordPress Edit Category

You can check out all the changes made once you go back to your blog or website. It is a pretty handy way to keep your website fresh looking and having new updates from time to time. This way you can easily keep your website successful and organized. There is several other options which you can try on to make your website have a more trendy and updated look. You wouldn’t need a professional web designer to manage your blogs and sites. All editing, creating, deleting of categories and subcategories can be done by the blog owner that is you, without spending a penny.

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