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How to place duplicated sidebar widget on the right

Lets say our WordPress website have 2 sidebar widgets on the left side of the page. What we would like to do is to place one widget in the right side. This procedure involves changing sidebar widget position over CSS style file.

We assume the sidebars are defined this way:

<div id="sidebar"></div>
<div id="sidebar2"></div>

The first widget “sidebar” is located in the left side and second one “sidebar2” should be located in the right side. In that case we need to open CSS style file in which “sidebar2” style is defined and change it’s position.

We should find the line that says “sidebar2” and add¬†directive¬†which will change sidebar widget position. This should look like in the following example:

#sidebar2 {
   float: right;

From now duplicated sidebar widget “sidebar2” should be placed on the right side of the website. If there is no idea where CSS style file can be found, usually it’s located in WordPress theme directory. Also, it’s a good idea to have at least CSS style file backup before doing any changes as the website might look incorrectly in the case of any mistake.

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