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How to authorize WordPress authors

Blogging has become very popular today which is why you cannot think it for granted. Blogging sites like WordPress have become very popular out of the lots due to its perfection. Authorizing WordPress authors are very important and can be one of the best ways to make your WordPress account stand. Many people try so many methods to make this work however; using the theory theme on WordPress makes it very easy for you to hide author bylines from pages and posts on your website. These options are found in the Display Options section of the Thesis Options page.

You can also hide the dates from blog posts and pages in this section. To show the author names or dates again, just go back to the Thesis Options page and enable the options at any time. Thesis is a premium theme offered by DIY or does it yourself themes. Below are some of the ways by which you can go about authorizing WordPress authors.

    • First, start by opening a Web browser and log into your WordPress website or blog.

WordPress Login Form

  • After you have logged in, click ‘Thesis Options’ in the Administrator Dashboard. You will then see the Thesis Options page open.
  • When it opens, click the ‘+’ symbol beside ‘Bylines’. This option is located in the ‘Display Options’ section.
  • Click the box beside ‘Show Author Name in Post Byline’ to clear the check mark from the box. This removes author names from all blog posts.
  • Click the box beside ‘Show Author Name in Page Byline’ to clear the check mark from the box. This removes author names from all pages on the website.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button.
  • Re-open blog to find out if your changes have been saved. Also, do not take anything for granted to ensure that all changes are done perfectly.

Due to the fact that you have total control over or off your affairs since it is your personal blog, you have the sole right to determine who is in or who is out. So you see how easy and fun it is to have a WordPress blog that you run by yourself and also a place or website where you can call your own and also call the shots. This article gives you the best directions on how to ensure that you successfully go through with authorizing WordPress authors; I hope you make the most of it.

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