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How to administrate WordPress comments

WordPress gives you the chance to administer the comments being posted to your blogs and websites. When you create a blog or a website through WordPress you get a default option where in your dashboard you find the new and old comments.

When a person types in a comment, it may or may not be visible to the general public, as per the settings of the blog owner. Most of the times blog owners make sure that the settings allow only those comments to be visible which have been screened by the blog owner’s team. This is because a comment can be relevant, irrelevant, a spam or may have used inappropriate gestures while writing it. So it is mandatory for the blog owner to eradicate the comment from any such issues.

Some points focusing on these facts are:

A blog owner basically can hold a team or administer it by himself. This work they can make a routine to be done once or twice each day depending on the needs and popularity of the blog.


    • When the blog owner enters into his dashboard profile, he can see a number of comments lined up in a queue. This, he can see on the first page of the dashboard. He can also identify the new and the old comments, because new comments are highlighted in yellow.

WordPress New Comments

    • The new comments are also shown with a “Pending” mark.

WordPress Content Statistics

    • In such a case, the blog owner has several options through which he can accept reject or edit the comment. The blog owner needs to click on the comment from where he is taken to a page where he could actually do things with the comments. The blog owner can accept, reject, and report spam can reply to it or he can also edit the comment. This is so because he may need to keep the comment, but any inappropriate words or usage may hinder him from doing so. In that case, he has the authority to make changes over the comment. The blog owners can also do rest of the things like replying and reporting spam as per the protocols and his wish.

WordPress Comment Moderation

All these options are in different colors so that it is easy for you to identify. After doing all the changes, once you go back to your site to check for the changes, you can find them. So this is a process of administering any new comment that has arrived for your blog site.

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