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How to add a post in WordPress

WordPress is an open source blogging site which is completely customizable. This customizabitility features comes from the plug-in and template features that comes with the wordpress. Once you have created a website or a blog for yourself, you do not need a web designer for maintaining your blog. All the options with the wordpress come in so handy that it is absolutely easy for even a novice to become a geek in less than a blink of an eye. Here are some steps, as to how you can carry out your posts to the wordpress:

Follow these steps to post to WordPress

The first step to adding post to your site, goes from the path where you need to type in your website’s url and with a forward slash type “wp-admin” and then press enter.

WordPress Admin Login Path
You are sent to a page where you need to login with your wordpress name and password.

WordPress Login Form
As soon as you login to the wordpress, you arrive at a dashboard, with lots of options like posts, pages, categories etc…There are options like comments of approval, pending and comments of spam.

WordPress Dashboard Menu

On the left hand side of this page there is a menu column, first option being “posts”.

WordPress Posts

We need to add a new post, so we will add new post and wait for it to load.

When it loads, you can type a title to it, and then come to the main area of posting.

Add New WordPress Post

You also have several options so that you can bold, italicize, strikethrough them, underline, colour the text or give your text a beautiful font look. You can use the header options to magnify or diminish your texts.

You also have options to add pictures, videos and referrals to other blog posts.

Add Media Files
Below the main bar where you type your text, you have an option of excerpt. A portion of your text when typed in excerpt is displayed.

WordPress Post Excerpt
You can add a section of “send trackback”, which will let the viewer know where you want it to reference to.

WordPress Allow Trackbacks
You can create some categories and assign tags to it. After creating tags, you can publish it and view the changes made by you in the main site.

Add New Categories And Tags

Similarly you have other options as well like creating a new page and then you can go through same procedures to have a new page to your blog or site. The address to your new page is changed by default but you can also do the editing part yourself.

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