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How to monetize WordPress blog

WordPress is an open source that helps the design and progress of a blog in a very convenient and easy way. It is more of a content management platform that gratifies to a set of requirements demanded by this platform. Before going any further it is better to establish what this well liked platform means.

What is WordPress?

It is a publishing tool to assist anyone to download and start using this platform to produce different blogs. This content management platform has a data base with a wide spectrum of plug-in. These plug in add functionalities to your blogs.

Benefits of WordPress hosting

An ideal content management platform assists in setting up a wordpress blog quickly. This time savvy quality is one of the biggest benefits of it. WordPress hosting allows you to modify the source code and rectify according to the user’s needs. WordPress hosting being an online platform allows it to be user friendly and can be accessed from anywhere and in any part of the world. The content can be modified or added whenever it is required.

Monetizing your blog

When you have created the blog, it is time to monetize your blog so you can collect revenue from your work. There are several ways you can acquire as an affiliate marketer to make more money on your blogs with little effort for promoting your blog. Do the work a single time and get paid for it over and over again to leverage your time.

Add revenue streams to your blogs and sell your products. These include Google Adsense Ads, Affiliate Links, Amazon, etc. Once you set up your blog you need to make a few changes here and there and without any hassle make the most of this platform. When you add your selected ads to your blog you need to preview the changes as you go about making the changes. Preview the blogs in internet explorer and other latest explorers being introduced. About 30% of the explorer users are Google Chrome or Firefox and if your blog is not compatible with their explorer they’d skip your article.

Ways to monetize your blog

  • Contextual Ads. These ads are pay per click ads which generate revenue whenever someone clicks the ad. Be sure to display ads related to your content because its not good to display unrelated ads to your blogs.
  • Affiliate Ads. These ads can be displayed as pay per lead, pay per click, or even pay per sale. Pay per lead requires the users to sign up where as pay per sale requires the user to buy something so that you can get profit out of it.
  • Writing reviews. Last but not the least write good reviews about your products to give the reader good idea about products they might not know about. Make the products sound genuine and write pros and cons for the products.
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