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What are the main functions of WordPress

WordPress is a web-blog program mainly created for managing blog posts and articles. The main function of WordPress is blogging. It is available at no cost from wordpress.org and can be edited or redistributed. The core languages used in designing this software are PHP and MYSQL. Currently, it is the paramount content management system.

Probably 80% of the websites you have come across use WordPress. The main reason that makes it popular is that it has a very comprehensible admin side. This makes it suitable for blogging hence it individuals use it as a blogging tool. Additionally, the software is very steady and well protected.

The program has many features that complement its main function as a blogging tool. The features work at a click of a button. The most important are discussed below.

Main WordPress functions

WordPress Dashboard

This is the first thing that appears on log in. The dashboard will provide you with information concerning WordPress. Such information may include plugin updates, comments to your posts and much more. You will also get to know if any new version of WordPress is available.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins help you manage your web content without messing up. You can choose with Plugins to install and which not. Moreover, you can choose to disable are enable an already installed Plugin. WordPress displays all the installed plugins with a concise depiction of their functionality.

WordPress Themes

The presentation feature helps you to customize your website. It provides with an option of installing new beautiful themes. You can change to other theme anyhow. Themes help control how your site content appears to the visitors.

WordPress General Settings

This feature is generally for modifying the default settings of WordPress. Under this feature you can control who views you site, you can change your site name, you can restrict comments to you post and many more.

WordPress Import Export

This is an amazing feature. It provides you with easy means to transfer your content from one blog to another. You can import or export content from other blog platforms such as blogger. You can also use this feature to create site backups.

WordPress Links

Link building is now easier with the Link option in WordPress. You can now list you preferred links on you site. Additionally, you can do internal link of you web content. Linking improves on your website page rank and makes your site user friendly to search engines.a

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