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Main WordPress API functions

WordPress is by far the most fashionable program used for blogging. It has inbuilt API functions that provide convenience in handling the application. In WordPress context API means application-programming interface. API contains codes used by software gears to communicate with each other in form of an interface. WordPress APIs use the language-independent platform thus you can use different programming languages to call the application.

WordPress API

WordPress APIs have varied uses in content sharing. For instance, you can APIs to shares photos from WordPress to social sites such as twitter. APIs help you to post dynamic content to you blog. Additionally, they help you embed YouTube videos thus; you do not need to host videos. A list of WordPress API functions is as below.

WordPress API functions

This API has a function used to display the contents of a specific webpage. The code in the API stores the information in an array. The storage of the data in an array makes it possible to access it with ease. It also has the capability to display feeds from social networks such twitter and Facebook. Plugins enhance display of feeds from other sites. Example is the twitter Plugin used to display updates.

This API helps to store and display information with ease from different related database tables in your WordPress. The application can set expiry dates for the information. The application deletes the data once it expires. This is helpful if you desire to query a database for a short period. An example of this is the Twitter Widget.

This function help to schedule event carried out by WordPress to execute at a certain time that you have to specify. The action activates when someone visits your website at the scheduled time. It makes it easy to retrieve RSS feed, create database backups and update database on regular basis. For you to use this application you must have some knowledge about it. I recommend you read the online literature about it.

WordPress has Mail API function that can help you send emails to recipients of your choice. The mail function contains a header field, CC field, and the massage field. It also allows you to send attachment to you recipients. This function allows users to communicate to WordPress site administrators.

This help display time in a more descent way. It uses exact hours that past since you posted an article for example 22 hours ago.

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