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How to make your own API call

Individuals design websites for varied reasons. You can use a website to display information about health, computers, weight loss, training dogs and so forth. Conversely, other websites handle risk information such as money. For instance, PayPal deals with money transactions. Such websites require intense security to avoid hacking and embezzling of the money.

PayPal API

Websites dealing with money transactions deal with API call applications to ensures security. It is not hard to create these applications on your own. However, they require a vast knowledge on the .NET program. You can do this and turn your website to offer money transaction services. In this article am going to discuss how your API call using PayPal client tools.


  • PayPal account
  • Simple object access protocol (SOAP)

Once you have the above requirement fullfilled, follow the steps below:

  • Generate an API certificate from your PayPal account. Convert the API certificate to a PKCS12 using openSSL cryptographic tool.
  • SOAP-enable your application to give it access to PayPal web services. The software used to enable it is the common Visual Studio. It has the ability to call SOAP-based PayPal services using a WSDL URL.
  • If you are impatient with the API, you can use PayPal APIClient program. It is available at no cost from their website. However, you will have to build and edit it. The application has detailed information on how to edit and build it.
  • Test you application by doing some transaction between your commerce account and private account. Mail a minimum amount such as $10 to either of you account. Confirm the transaction by logging in to your PayPal account.
  • Do the refund transactions by making your first API call on you working environment. Use the CMD to execute APIClient.exe. After that log in to you account and confirm whether the procedures was successful. If it was successful, you will see transaction history on your PayPal account.
  • You should not see ten dollars refunded back to your account.

The procedures above involve a lot of coding. It is recommended that you check documentation for the application mentioned in the procedure. Additionally, you can check on PayPal support pages on how to use their extended services.

API call applications make it easy and secure to transact online. Most of the website that deal with money transaction use API for security purposes. Such websites include eBay, ePay and many others.

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