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How to customize WordPress header

WordPress which is a blogging software system that allows you to organize and establish your own blog in any way you wish to. When hosting WordPress blog on your own hosting account, customizing WordPress header is easier and much simpler because it is yours and you know exactly what you want. Giving your WordPress the unique look you’ve always longed for can be the best process ever however; it should be done with so much fun and excitement. The following will teach you how to go about the process successfully;

Follow these steps to customize WordPress header

Start by downloading WordPress themes for free on the internet. However; the process will be easier if you choose one with a header graphic so that you do not worry about that anymore.

Download WordPress Theme

Unzip the folder containing your themes then search for the folder containing images.

WordPress Theme Images Directory

Then delete the labeled logo that is currently the header for your wordpress blog. Replace the old header with the new one then edit the text in the header.

WordPress Theme Header Editor

After you have edited the header to match or fall into what you exactly want; it will be best if you considered activating your new wordpress from the design tab in the wordpress software.

Activate WordPress Theme
After activation, you can edit the CSS style sheet if it has the wrong font sizes, wrong size and so on.

Edit Style CSS File
Then you are done, now you have your own customized wordpress header to tell the world who you really are.

Before you decide to adjust any code; make sure you copy and paste the existing code into a text document to ensure that the process is easier when you want to bring back the original code should in case of an error. Make sure you do not edit parts or aspects of the new header you do not understand to prevent any complications.

There are so many people that are using the WordPress software today because they have found the freedom to do whatever they want and also have fun in the process while owning their own blog. Due to the fact that WordPress is one of the most flexible and easiest platforms for bloggers to create their own blogs; show the world who you are and what you stand for by customizing your WordPress header.

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