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How to Upgrade phpBB

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There is some information that how you can upgrade the oldest phpBB version into the new phpBB version.

If you are using constant phpBB release currently, then there is also updating the latest version of phpBB with uncomplicated. There are available 3 packages of phpBB. You can download which determine your need and choice.

  • You have to do a complete backup of your files and presented phpBB files before upgrade the latest version of phpBB.
  • Not down the MySQL users – the new version can be enlarged the volume of your files, there is a search _word match board which is extra special. There may be also some changes in release of volume of files designed but these changes may not be affected all files mainly there will be no change in boards of non English.

Use of the full package

Firstly you have to create a duplicate of your obtainable config.php and maintain this in secure position! Assume that if your forum is established in the forum database and the field name is yourfile.com then you have to get it your config.php folder in your public_html/forum file.

After that you have to do remove all the obtainable phpBB files. You have to make sure that there is no place to any error on this. You can put down another option on that position you have to make sure that there is not a proper role in the ending release. If you are presently using a dissimilar method then you can suggest backing control with associated templates.

If it will be all set then you can upload the new version of phpBB. Make sure that you have to save a copy of config.php when it the uploading is finished and also replace the old from the new. Now yourdomain.com/install/update_to_latest.php will be run. There will be create a lot of file changes which is all depending upon the older version. During this method if you get any FAILURES message it will be the reason of real error which is disconnect the method.

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