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Migrating phpBB to the New Host

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Move to the PHP My Admin on the old web server. On the right side panel, choose the Export option. In case you cannot distinguish that, first left click on the name of the database in the left side panel. The right side panel will modify and after that you must be capable to distinguish it.

Export phpBB Database

Now you will obtain a display with some alternatives. Choose the alternative which is listed lower for the slightest amount of the inappropriateness:


  • AUTO_INCREMENT value Add

phpBB Export Database Structure Options


  • Whole inserts
  • Comprehensive inserts
  • Type of Export: INSERT

Export phpBB Database Data Options

Now save as the file.

Save phpBB Database As File

This is the final but not slightest, you require selecting the foundation of the data. The left side of this panel, in the column of the Export, you find the list of menus.

  • Click on the Export in the right frame previous, this complete list holds the database names on the web server. Only left click on the record for the forum.
  • In case Export was not exposed in the innovative panel and you had to left click on the name of the database to carry it up, the list of the menu holds the table names in the database.
  • Now left click on the Select All option to emphasize the entire tables in the list of the menu. Lacking that, your document might not hold the complete data which you require. You can even desire to the file, other than, in case you have not obtained the hint what it happens.
  • Select All phpBB Tables To Export

  • Click on the Go command button, the web browser must begin the downloading process. Be conscious that it can take some time as per on the amount of the database.
  • Click Go To Export Database

    Now you have the copy of the complete record of the system. Let us docks the record to the new web server.

    Open the PHP My Admin on the new web server and move to the window of SQL. Once more, in the right panel at the peak position; in case you do not distinguish it, left click the name of the database in the left panel first.

  • Now you will distinguish an area of text there, but this is not what we require. Below this, the field of input is available with the browse command button.
  • Import phpBB Database

  • Left click on the browse to search the particular file you presently formed from the older web server.
  • Click on the Go command button. The web browser will build the entire types of weird sounds for the after that pair of minutes most likely.
  • Click Go To Import phpBB Database

  • Now your database is imported effectively. We are not complete with the PHP My Admin. We still must modify a few possessions. Generally, later than the import process, you will return to the similar window.
  • In case you have confirmed that the complete information is filled in properly, click on the Go command button. This process will update all the settings of the configuration.
  • Now upload the whole thing to the new web server.

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