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How to Install phpBB Theme

In sort to modify the template or the theme of the PHP forum, you will initial require to download the preferred files of the template to the local system. They normally arrive as the dense file, thus ensure you unload that on your system. The outcome must be a directory with the name of the theme or the template, contain the two additional directories and the number of the documents

At the time the extraction process was complete, join to the account on the web hosting by utilizing the File transfer protocol. The client of the File Transfer Protocol will show you the documents and the directories you have on the site and there you can upload the latest theme. Now open the directory named www and after that the folder, where the forum is situated. Appear in the templates directory and then upload the extract contented of the archive.

Hang around in anticipation of the entire files are transmitted to the account.

At the time the upload process is finished, please move to the menu of Styles Admin. Choose the link named Add. Now your recently uploaded theme will show. Then left click on the link of Install.

phpBB Install Theme

After that, move to the link of Configuration in the menu of General Admin. Roll in the option Default Style and choose the new theme which you presently installed.

Select Default phpBB Theme

When all process is complete, move to the base of the display of the configuration and left click on the Submit command button in sort to create the new theme lively.

phpBB Save Changes

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