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Setting phpBB for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the plug-in for the website completed by the phpBB. The instrument is free of charge and adds the important functions to get better the SEO, such as building smart URLs which show the contents of the page. The functions of the SEO run in the back-end, therefore behind you install this; this will perform the respite of the effort. The users are looked the internet with search engines will have the simpler time searching your website. Your website will get better in ranking in the midst of normal search terms and obtain added traffic as an outcome.

  • In the first step download all the phpBB SEO based files. The most recent edition of the files is available on the internet, a somewhat modified revise of the version. Though, in case you desire the latest version specially, a 2nd link suggests the archived download of that particular edition. The process of installation is the similar for both of the versions.
  • In the second step extract the file with any of the archive application.
  • In the third step upload all the PHP related files in the root directory of your web server. This will generally be also the public _html or the root directory.
  • In the fourth step execute the PHP file into your web server. This process will install all the required SEO characteristics. All the process will run at the back end and making sure that the website put up with the smart perform of the search engine.
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