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How to Configure phpBB

Later than the flourishing process of the installation, at the time you search the new phpBB homepage of the forum then you will obtain the suggestion regarding the tasks of the post-install. You are counsel to remove the install directory and the contrib folder, as exit them on the web server is measured the risk of security, therefore the big which the phpBB would not also run in case it identify their attendance.

The doc directory may be removed also in case you like; it is not the threat to the security, other than can save a few disk space.

Necessary Configuration

Later than the unnecessary folders are removed, you can contact the latest and the glossy bulletin board which you simply installed.

At the present it is the superior thought to make known you quite with the panel of administration. As well as, you can perform this away by control a number of common variables of the configuration.

Starting Configuration by utilizing the Panel of Administration

  • First Load the bulletin board in the web browser, It appears same as the screenshot:
  • phpBB Page

  • Now log-in by utilizing the shape at the base of the webpage. Based on how the installation process finished. You can be logged-in previously. In case you are not, utilize the username and password of the administrator which you chosen through the process of installation.
  • Login to phpBB

  • Now left click on the link to go to Administration Panel; it is situated at the base of each page.
  • phpBB Administration Control Panel

  • Left click on the link of Configuration originate below the section of General Admin in the left side list.
  • phpBB Board Configuration

  • Amend all the required fields as desirable
  • phpBB Board Settings

  • And last left click on the Submit command button.

phpBB Submit Changes

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