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phpBB Requirements

PhpBB has a small number of requirements that have to be met earlier than you are capable to install and utilize it. In this segment, these requirements are given details.

The web server or the website hosting account functioning of several main Operating System with the support for the PHP

A Structure Query Language database organization, one of them are:

  • Fire Bird or the higher tone
  • Mysql or higher than
  • Micro Soft-SQL Server or higher than
  • Oracle database management system
  • Postgre Structure Query Language or higher than
  • SQLite and higher than

PHP with the hold up for the database management system you plan to utilize.

The function getimagesize () enabled.

The subsequent modules of the PHP are not obligatory, other than will offer rights to further characteristic.

  • Compression support with the zlib
  • FTP Remote support
  • Support of the XML
  • Support of the Image magic
  • Group Discussion supports
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