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How to Install Mod for phpBB

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phpBB is the desired board systems of the message by everyone. It becomes the most preferred among the people because of the accessibility of the lot of adjustment. The phpBB is easy to use and available in excellent $0 price. Making the adjustment in phpBB generally called as a Mod, add-on or chop, which add the new textures to the already accessible BBS. Most of the boards may customized but the phpBB has some extraordinarily large number of written mod of the user, which all presented for making the downloading of them. The persons who do not contain the skill of the PHP for writing of their own the phpBB provides the some extra features which definitely save your time in writing.

Once the installation of the phpBB completes, it gives the capability to you to start with the mod. The most of apply essential principles for almost all the mod is following.

  • First you should have the idea that which add-on that you want then makes the downloading of it.
  • In case you have removed any files than seem for the .text file.
  • By this file you can know about the information relating to the matters of mod’s writer, version, necessities, past history etc. In case there are included files it gives the information to you about that file and it also gives the information about the files which you want to alter.
  • In case a mod requires adding a bit to the database of MySQL, then the following requirements should fulfill.
  • You should encompass a file with all the capability to adjust the record from the web browser and you can run with it. This kind of file generally called as modname_install.php. First, you require logging in as the administrator, and after that finding the exact way to the document and running it. After the completion of the running of file, the same file should immediately delete.
  • The SQL, written in the install file you are needed for running on the SQL by yourself. The SQL, which are mentioned in the file of install, requires running by you.
  • Make the Uploading of the already existing file to the proper directories on the web server.
  • In case, a person who requires making the changes in the file then the following format should be followed:
  • OPEN this informs you about the file name on that you are functioning. To make the changes in the similar file the following procedure requires
  • FIND- it informs in the code of which you are searching for and you are advised to make the use of look for characteristic to locate this system in the file.
  • ADD, BEFORE, AFTER, provides the information about the chunk of the code, which you require to copy. Rarely the tutoring will notify you to explore in the line, or else to change a chunk of the code. It should clearly mark in the capital type of letters.
  • SAVE or the CLOSE defines about the save and close of the file. It is easy to save a document as you are informed about it at the bottom of every page. You also inform about the closing and opening of the file.

Everyone should remember the very significant obsession that the backup of the file necessarily make. It helps in the resolving the number of problems.

The installation of phpBB mod requires a lot of your instance and talent for its completion. For the successful installation of the phpBB you should be capable to understand the information.

Other installations are more time consuming while the phpBB only requires skills. In any of your problems, it is very helpful. At the first time, you should start with the smaller one to get the perfect knowledge about it and always keep in mind, backup.

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