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Migrate SMF to phpBB

    • To Migrate SMF to phpBB first you have to Install the phpBB and have to sure that it properly works.
    • The existing utilized documents within the zip format file known as the convert _smf _111_v1b.zip to change into the SMF – phpBB.

In case if you had by mistake entered into the record, to be admin again you have to upgrade your main account ‘level 1’. May be your password will stop working and it may happen that you cannot send an email. You may be hacked the phpBB/ comprises/ emailer.php as well as it integrated the variable $ this next to the MSG in the fault message therefore that e-mail seemed on the display. All this does the able to you to obtain the fresh password by resetting your account.

    • Implementation of the subsequent Mod on the phpBB switch the contradictory ids of the User
    • Installation of the phpBB to the converter as according to the instructions

This makes the creation of a file with the extension of .SQL.

Where you want to make the creation of the file, you also have to share about the creation of a temp directory.

  • The following Important edits should be made to the file having extension .sql
  • Before the completion of an incorporated WP/BBpress installation you require to explore and restore BB _user for WP _user.
  • The add user which was already in existence in the BB\WP you should delete it.
  • For the BB topics, you should have to insert the field, which called as topic _resolved
  • Also, remove the taster posts and the forums in the tables of bbpress
  • Now, Import the database. The above must have explained any divergence, other than in case you find a mistake, it should be comparatively simple to shape out.
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