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Manage Groups in phpBB

At First, you have to consider the left menu for the selection of the “Manage groups” link. By the help of this link, you can easily make the new group of users. This link also facilitates in modification of the default that arises at the time of installation of the PHP BB3.

phpBB Users And Groups

The groups that are already in existence are very helpful and all they are easy to use. Like, in case you desire to permit the user to alter your forum, than for this you have to include him\her in the group of the Global Moderators. In this way, this link permits you to make another new group and after the creation of the group, you have to set the right relating to it. For making, this process you have to enter the name of the group and then click on the Submit button.

phpBB Add New Group

After the organizing of the group, you have the power to give the special consent to it for a definite form. For this go to the left menu and there choose the option of the Groups’ forum permissions and after that select the new organizing group and click on the button on the submit.

phpBB Group Forum Permissions

The next step is the selection of the forum for which you want to give the special rights and then press the button to click. For the “Setting Permissions” option, first you have to click on the link of the “Advanced permissions”. By pressing the Advanced Permission link, you will see a table of intuition that will give you special power of the new groups and you can give the custom privileges to the new groups. For this, you have to click on the Apply Permissions button in the list of the tables.

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