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How to remove groups dropdown menu from profile

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Groups dropdown menu is the place where it’s possible to see the membership list when clicking on the users profile. In some cases it might be useful feature of viewing the entire membership. Otherwise, it can be removed  by editing phpBB template as it can’t be disabled easily over administration control panel.

Follow these steps to remove groups dropdown menu from profile

Get started by connecting to the server where phpBB forum is hosted. It should be enough to do this via server control panel or usual FTP method. Then navigate to the public_html of the forum to list forum files. There locate the file “styles/style-name/template/memberlist_view.html” where “style-name” is the actual name of the forum style. Open file “memberlist_view.html” for editing and locate the following code.

<!-- IF S_GROUP_OPTIONS -->{L_USERGROUPS}:<select name="g">{S_GROUP_OPTIONS}</select>

The code above is the one which displays groups dropdown menu via user profile. In order to disable it, remove the mentioned code and save the file. That should be it with removing groups dropdown menu form users profile. However, for changes to take effect, it might be needed to refresh the template. For this reason template refresh needs to be done over administration control panel.

Login to ACP with admininstrator login details and go to the “STYLES” tab in the top menu.


Click on the “Themes” below “STYLE COMPONENTS” for opening available phpBB themes.


Last step is to find installed theme and click on “Refresh” button next to it’s name.


Confirm refresh action by clicking “Yes” at theme refresh confirmation page and it will be refreshed successfully. Once everything is done, groups dropdown menu should be gone from the users profile.

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