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How to add links to homepage

While phpBB provides quite advanced management features in admin panel, sometimes we might miss some features related to design editing. Lets say we would like to add links in to the homepage. It might look quite simple task, however, it’s not possible to add such links over admin panel. Therefore, it will require to edit theme files and links manually.

Before starting editing theme files, we should decide in which exactly part of the website we will be adding the links. For example, to add them to the header, we will need to edit file named “overall_header.html”. Open it by connecting to the hosting account through FTP or file manager and open for editing. Links can be added in a simple HTML form as follows.


Then add the links in the place where they should be located. In order to add several links, use the following code as example.

HTML links

Finally, save the file and upload it back to the server. Then clear the cache in order to view refreshed website with the links added to the homepage.

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