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How to Change Domain in phpBB

Follow These Steps to Change Domain in phpBB

In the phpBB database there is an option that called as server _name. This facilitates for the use of the application of phpBB with another domain. You can easily do it with the help of the tool, PHP My Admin, which presents in your cPanel.

cPanel Access phpMyAdmin

Once you enter in PHP My Admin tool then chooses the database of phpBB and browse the table of phpBB_config

Select phpbb_config Table

If you want to use the new domain then search the server _name option to alter the value of that new one.

phpBB Database Server_Name Field

For all this, the following points should consider carefully:

  • Move your files and database(s) to domain2.com from domain.com
  • After entering into the domain2.com, make the Log in to phpMyAdmin. For making the changes in the row like for “domain” for a variable, “domain.com” for a value, “domain” and “domain2.com” should consider the table of phpbb_config. For making the change in the name of the database, select the similar table of mf_phpbb_databases.
  • The next step is altering of the file of /mf_functions/multiconfig.php. You should also change the variable of $multiforum_domain to “domain2.com” from “domain.com. You should also sure about the alteration of the existing $multiforum_database variable with the new one database where all the tables of mf_phpbb_ are situated.
  • Now, open the /includes/page_header.php and page_tail.php file and make the restoration of the variable called parsboar_databasename with the name of your parsed database.
  • There is a separate area for the clients, go there and follow the way for domain.com for the reissue of your license. On the download page an option of the “Reissue License’ will present by pressing this button you can successfully make the reissue of license.
  • To make the reflection of the new domain and for the adjustment of the domains, paths, email templates etc. You have to access the area of mf_admin. You should not include the domain2.com, as a new domain and try to give the rename to it this will be very easy for you.
  • For the rename to the domains, it is essential to make the updating of the server_name variable in the table of config every forum with the new domain (so something.domain.com changes to something.domain2.com). To present the new domain you are also required to give the rename to the avatar folders for every forum.
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