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How to remove file info shown under attachments

If for some reason we would like to remove file info that is being displayed under uploaded files in the attachments, it’s simply can be done by editing attachment configuration file. The best way to do this is to edit file named “attachment.html” which is available to edit through administrator control panel.

  • Start with logging in to administrator control panel and going to the “STYLES” tab.
  • Styles
  • Then find “Templates” in the “STYLE COMPONENTS” menu and click it. It will display a list of installed and uninstalled phpBB templates. Find currently installed template and click on “Edit” button.
  • Edit Template
  • In the next step it will open a list of template files that are available to edit. Expand that list and select file named “attachment.html”.
  • Edit attachment file
  • Click on the “Select template file” in order to display the contents of that file. It will be displayed in the raw HTML format. In this file we will need to find specific line.

The mentioned line defines to show file name, file size and download count. In order to remove such information, simply delete this line and save the file. Then simply check existing attachments or upload new one and check whether the information is not displayed anymore.

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