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How to add a banner in 1 specific forum

If we would like to add a banner in one specific forum of the entire forum threads, this can be done by implementing banner code directly in the template file. All we need to do is to open required template file for editing and put banner code in the place we would like for it to appear.

  • First of all we should identify forum ID that corresponds to the specific forum thread in which we are planning to add the banner. For example, the following link “http://www.example.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20” shows that forum ID is 20. This way we can get any forum ID we want to use for adding the banner. Lets keep in mind forum ID and move to the next step.
  • Connect to the hosting server in which our forum is installed and browse the files to find template file “styles/template_name/template/overall_header.html”. We can easily do this through FTP or simple file manager. Once found, download it to the local drive or open for editing directly from the server.
  • Locate the place in which we would like to show the banner and place the following code.
  • 1
    <!-- IF FORUM_ID eq 20 -->banner code<!-- ENDIF -->
  • It will check if forum ID equals to 20 and if it will be true, banner will be displayed. Also, make sure to replace “banner code” with the actual code for the banner to appear in the forum correctly.
  • Finally, save the file in order to apply the changes and if needed upload it back to the server by replacing the original file. Now it’s possible to check how the banner is looking in the live forum. To do this, simply open forum with ID in which banner code was inserted. If for some reason it’s not appearing, try to clear the cache in admin control panel main page.
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