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How to Change Forum URL

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If you want to change phpBB forum URL which is being used to access the forum, the process is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to change domain name in phpBB server configuration.

Follow These Steps to Change Forum URL

First, login to phpBB administrator control panel and find “SERVER CONFIGURATION” to access cookie and server settings.

Server Configuration

To change cookie domain name, click on “Cookie settings”. It will open phpBB cookie settings.

Cookie Settings

There you can change the current domain name. To do this, replace it in the “Cookie domain” value. Apply the changes by clicking on “Submit” button.

Next step is to change domain name in the “Server settings” which is located in the same menu as “Cookie Settings”.Find a field for “Domain name” and change existing domain name with new one.

Server settings

To apply the changes, click on “Submit” button. Finally, clear the cache and try to open the forum by using new URL. It should be working with the new URL after the changes.

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  1. m.Buitenom

    Ik heb een probleem. Ik ben van domeinnaam verander maar de oude komt telkens weer terug met inloggen met de nieuwe domeinnaam ik heb een forum wat is de oplossing hier voor.

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